Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lucia Grace meets Kathleen!

We had quite a treat last week! My cousin Kathleen made a quick trip home from Chicago & was able to meet Lucia! Kathleen is the daughter of my mom's brother Bob & his wife, Margie. It was Margie, Kathleen & my other cousin Andrew who all came to visit! Andrew's in his third year at Duke, we had fun talking with him about his future plans - trying to pester out of him what he'd like to do! Kathleen has an interesting job right now working as an analyst for Morgan Stanley... they've had so many stressful changes related to the current economy - I think it's good for her to have some relaxing down time! Lucia loves you all & we hope to see you again on your next visit home!
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning - Part II

Julia showing Unc (Randy) how to use the Purell - they had a little lesson on how to use it & how not to lick your fingers afterwards. :o) Sweet Miss Julia is doing great around Lucia. It is a lot for a 2 1/2 year old to remember not to touch a baby with unclean hands, not to kiss her & not to play with her toys... but our little niece is quite a smart little lady! Randy was great with Julia turning the hand sanitizer into quite a little teaching lesson & he made it really fun for her - now she's teaching the rest of the family what to do!

Miss Julia opening a present that was as big as she is! Christmas is so much more alive & incredible with little kids! This monstrous present was a shopping cart! Julia loved it! The big gift next to it was a whole set of pretend food items - she's all set to grocery shop!

Grandma Susan with Lucia & Great Grandma Alice

On Christmas morning, we drove from Centralia to Lakewood & enjoyed an incredible breakfast made by Christy & Alex (Randy's sister & her husband) at Grandma Susan's house. It was a very special day although a bit different than usual because we aren't taking Lucy around big groups of people. Typically we'd attend 2 big family gatherings over the holidays, but we skipped them both & opted for smaller gatherings of immediate family to keep the chances of Lucy catching a cold lower. We greatly missed our extended family!! But, we're thankful that Lucy's staying very healthy (& so are we!). After breakfast & gifts, Randy drove over to the family get together at his aunts house for a short time while I stayed with Lucy & Susan. It was a wonderful day, relaxing & not rushed whatsoever. Thank you Webster's & Legler's for helping to make our Christmas so very special!
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Christmas Morning Part I

These little exersaucers may not be recommended by our pediatrician... but Lucy sure does love it! All things in moderation I suppose - she'll just use it at Grandma's from time to time. (A gift from Daddy-O!)

Grandma & Lucy in their PJ's

Lucy & I, still a bit tired.
It was so picture perfect to wake up on Christmas morning with nearly 2 feet of snow & it was actively snowing as well! We enjoyed a bit of time with my parents & then tried our best to pack all of our belongings into the car & headed to Lakewood for Part II of Christmas morning! This was quite a task because I'd been in Centralia for 6 days, but we managed to fit nearly everything. Thankfully, we had a safe drive there, but it was snowy all the way!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Gifts

Oh yes, this last picture is how I opened gifts... nursed Lucy the entire time! We are so incredibly blessed - not only through all of the gifts we opened, but in our biggest gift of all - Lucia Grace Webster. She brought a whole new dimension to our Christmas this year. We are so thankful for God's blessings upon our lives.
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Little Miss Christmas

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Boys will be boys...

What a great Christmas Eve! We had so much fun at my parents house playing in the snow! Randy, Luke Fetch, Ryan & Kyle Barker & Mark built a jump in the back yard & then skied & snowboarded off of it with the help of an ATV! I suppose you could call that hillbilly skiing! =) It was fun seeing the Barker boys & our good friend Luke as well!
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Lucy & Luke

On Christmas Eve, Luke was the first person Randy called to come over to my parent's house & join in the fun building a ski jump! The Fetch's have always been great friends of our family's & we just love our time together - it's guaranteed fun! My brother & I have been close to Luke & his brother, Brock for years. So many of my best memories growing up are with Brock & Luke. It was great to see both of you guys over the holidays - just wish I would've taken pictures with Brock as well! Luke is in the family construction business (Fetch & Sons) & Brock lives in Edwards, CO & works as a personal trainer.
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Lucy & her rocking horse!

Randy showing Lucia her new rocking horse! Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for such a great gift!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Mark & Michelle - hard at work!

Uncle Mark, pick up that shovel - Michelle's doing all the hard work!

My brother Mark & his girlfriend, Michelle.

The Amondson's
Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A snowy night with Rashmi & Wade

Wade getting all geared up for a ride on the 4wheeler with Mark - my dad had fun giving him camo gear (when in Rome...) for his Lewis County adventure.

Rashmi's husband, Wade Sutton & Lucia
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Lucy with some visitors in Centralia

Lucy & her Nana (Great Grandma Wark)

Our good friend Teenie Deenie!
Deanna Schnatterly has been one of our family's closest friends for as long as I can remember.
Rick & Deanna with Lucia
I enjoyed seeing the Schnatterly's a few times while we were in town.

Lil' Miss Lucy with my Uncle Steve! This was Steve's first time snuggling Lucy & she loved him!
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