Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day with the Hallam's

What a perfect end to a great Memorial Day weekend! Yesterday we had the Hallam's out for the day on the water - it was so much fun! Ali, Chris & Ryah came during the late morning, helped get everything ready, lunch made, etc & then we headed out for hours on the water. We wakeboarded, tubed, sunned, waded, splashed with Lucy, it was like a little vacation! Ali has always been one of my very close friends, we were neighbors growing up & have stayed close (she's also my hairdresser & boy are those appointments fun!). Chris was one of Randy's good buddies from Lakewood, they swam together in high school & kept in touch afterwards. The two of them met at our wedding... and the rest is history! ;0) WAY too much time had gone by since our last get together - just to prove it, this was Chris' first time meeting Lucy! Randy, Lucy & I loved every minute. We ended the day with take out from Osaka, yummy yummy sushi! Thank you guys for such a great time! Miss Ryah, you continue to amaze us! We consider you family, you have always had a special place in our hearts! Thank you for coming out to see us, please do it again soon! We love you all!

Miss Lucia Grace taking a break from the life jacket... we really shouldn't allow her to take breaks from it... but she goes nuts with it on... I'd love to invent one that babies like!

Little Miss Ryah


World's Best Flagger

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Lucy's Baby Dedication

Such a wonderful & special day!
Lucia Grace was dedicated at Centralia Community Church of God this past Sunday. It was a wonderful time for a few of our close friends & family members. My childhood pastor, Darcy Fast, said very beautiful words about Lucy & our family. The baby dedication is something very special in the Church of God, it's almost more for the parents, as we said vows to raise Lucy in a Christian home. We had four generations there - both on my dad's & my mom's side. The dedication was done during the contemporary service which has youthful vibrant music - Lucy just loved the worship time!! After her dedication, I could tell she was still pretty active when it was time to be quiet & listen to the sermon, so she & I headed to the back baby room. It was like a Sunday school reunion for me! Two of my good old church friends were in there with their babies, we had a great time all together! Love you both Katie Gilmore & Heather Sherman! =)

After the church service, my parents hosted a wonderful gathering at their home up on the hill. It was a perfectly sunny afternoon & Lucy had a great time with everyone! She even managed about a 90 minute nap in the middle! Our sweet little girl was in good spirits all day, such a blessing! One of the most special parts of the entire day was when my brother (also Lucy's Godfather, Mark) said the blessing before we ate our delicious meal. Mark has become such a special part of Lucy's life & it really showed through the words he shared. We love you so much, Mark! Here are a few of my favorite photos of the day!

Lucy & Grandma Susan A - thank you so much for such a wonderful day! My mom did an incredible job hosting a wonderful gathering at their home after church. Great big thanks to Grandma & Grandpa!

Lucy & Grandma Susan W - it was so nice of Randy's parents to make the drive down to Centralia for Lucy's dedication! They drove down from Lakewood, watched the dedication, briefly visited at my parents house & then jetted back up north because Dennis was covering the afternoon shift at Sotto Voce! Randy & I are both so blessed to have such giving parents!

Auntie Jaymie! Lucy & my cousin, Jaymie!

Sweet Baby Girl & her pretty linen dress - with a little support from Dad.
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CF Foundation - Photos by Clane Gessel

All of these incredible photos were done by a wonderful Seattle photographer named Clane Gessel. Clane's best friend has Cystic Fibrosis & is 31 years old, as a way of giving to the CF community, Clane donates his time & photography skills to do photos of kids with CF & their families. Randy & I met him up at Volunteer Park in Seattle about two weeks ago & had a great time getting to know him a bit. Thank you so much to the girls at the CF Foundation in Seattle for connecting us with Clane! I believe they are going to use one of these Lucy photos on the invitations for a big upcoming CF event.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

My brother Mark, he tends to think buoys are meant to be jumped.

Randy seeing what he thinks of the new boat's wake.

Lucy & I just before heading out for a ski with the boys. Lucy stayed back with Grandma Susan while I enjoyed a couple hours on the water - it was so much fun!!

Oh yes, that's my board... not only is it pink, it has sparkles too! ;-) Trust Randy to find the world's girliest board! It's awesome & I'm having fun getting used to it - as well as the new moon boot style bindings... I've never had my own board, so I'm feeling pretty spoiled!

On the water, Mark, Randy & I were on the ski boat while both of my Grandma's were with my Dad on the pontoon boat (background of this photo), it was fun going by & waving at them, a moment I hope I'll always remember from my first Mother's Day. I had such a great time being out there... I'm embarassed to admit that I told Mark & Randy I actually briefly (really brief) forgot about Lucy for a minute & just felt like a free college kid again! A smile came to my face when I remembered what a treat I had to get home to! Lucy did great as usual being with my mom, they're quite a pair!

Mark catching a bit of air - I caught him mid-spin on this one. And yes, I admit, I added the blue sky to this photo... it was actually a really overcast afternoon - but I think the pic looks better with blue sky. =)

My mom, Lucia Grace, Grandma Ruby, myself & Grandma Jean

My mom (Grandma Susan A) & Lucia G

Grandma Jean

Just "hangin' out" on the new boat!
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Monday, May 4, 2009

A day at the park with Julia & Christy!

This is my wonderfully sweet sister-in-law, Christy - yes, there are 2 Christy's! Today Lucy & I were lucky enough to spend the better part of the day with Christy & her little girl Julia - AND technically, we were with Baby Boy Legler too (he's on the way, due in October!!)! Christy & I share a lot in common, both the oldest siblings & both nurses from PLU, it's so easy for us to spend hours & hours talking, talking, talking... solving all of the world's problems! Today was no exception, we had a great time playing with the girls & enjoying eachother's company. Christy is quite a SuperMom, she is wonderful with her little 3 year old (Julia Alice), works as a nurse at TG in Interventional Radiology & at St. Francis in their Inpatient Mental Health Unit, as well as being a wife to Alex, keeping up a beautiful home on Lk. Steilacoom & living amidst a remodel that's going to give them the most beautiful kitchen & entry way ever! I'm always inspired being around Christy, she's so genuine, caring & compassionate - I really have learned a ton from her over the past 10 years (yes, it really has been over 10 years since I met the Webster's!). Our little niece, Julia, is the star of the show. She's full of life, super energetic, incredibly coordinated & such a sweetie with Lucia Grace. I had a great time watching Julia master each & every part of the new playground! Here's a peak into our funfilled day!

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