Sunday, December 27, 2009

The 26th with Gpa Dennis' family!

Miss Lucia all decked out in her pink tutu outfit from Grandpa Neil & her new pink Vans from Uncle Mark! She was absolutely adorable, I must say! She was checking out Aunt GoGo & little cousin Boen - he's growing so fast!

Uncle Norman & Cousin Caroline -- Carolina Moon =)

Don't we have the most handsome little nephew ever!?! He's just adorable & such a sweet mellow baby!

Some of us "kids" - Randy & I with his cousins, their spouses & the kidlets too! Such a fun group!

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Christmas at the Wark's

Are they adorable, or what?? Lucy & Brady playing Grandma Wark's organ (power turned off, for all of our sanity =)

The view on our drive over the river & through the woods to Grandma Wark's house...

Handsome little Brady
(my cousin Jaymie's little man)

Cousin Andrew! Home from Duke & when he heads back he'll be finishing up his final semester!

Cousin Kathleen! Home from Chicago!
We enjoyed a great afternoon/evening with my mom's family - The Wark's at Grandma's house in Chehalis. It was quite a group -- maybe 25-30 people? We had a fun gift exchange full of lots of stealing -- always keeps things exciting & people interacting! Lucy loved playing with her cousin Brady, the two of them together had a great time running around! We were so blessed this Christmas to have such special moments with family! Thank you all!

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Christmas Day with Amondson's!

If you can believe it, the breakfast tasted even better than the table looked! My mom is incredible! There is no place I'd rather be than eating Christmas breakfast at my parent's house.

Uncle Mark feeding the deer the "good" apples for Christmas breakfast.

Lucy with her deer friends.

The trike went everywhere with us!

Grandpa in his new hat & scarf! Such a handsome Grandpa he is!

My brother's girlfriend, Alexis! What a sweetheart! We all absolutely loved her! Mark & Alexis are both competitive marathon runners & they met at the Boston Marathon. Alexis lives in Michigan & it was such a treat to have her with us for a week -- we all loved getting to know her!Hugs to you, Alexis!

Exactly what the wagon is for! Grandma & Grandpa gave Lucy the coolest things for Christmas! This wagon filled with giant Lego's, an adorable kids table & chairs that Mark & Alexis filled with art supplies & books, stuffed animals, more books, clothes, her Christmas dress... the list goes on & on! It sure is nice to be the first grandchild! =)

Enjoying Christmas breakfast!

Great Grandma Ruby, me & Miss Lucy

The Webster's - Christmas 2009

My beautiful Mom! And Lucy's incredible Grandma! Thank you, Mom for everything you do! My mom (with some help from my cousin Rachel as well) is completely responsible for me breaking out of my yoga pant/long sleeve crewneck tshirt rut -- she outfitted me with the cutest clothes this year! Thank you Mom & Dad!

Another glimpse at our beautiful setting!

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Waking up Christmas morning

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Catching a peek after Santa came!

In the wee hours of the morning, I peeked into the living room & this is what I saw!
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Christmas Eve with Webster's

We feel so lucky to live near both of our parents, it makes it easier to enjoy everyone - especially at Christmas. Since we've been married, we have always spent Christmas Eve with Randy's family & Christmas Day with my family - it works out great. This year, we enjoyed attending the afternoon Christmas Eve Candlelight Service for children at Christ Lutheran Church, it was a wonderful service although I did spend the majority of it chasing toddlers outside of the sanctuary! =) After church, we enjoyed the evening with Susan's (Randy's mom) family for dinner and a gift exchange. The most fun of all was watching Lucy (almost 16 months) & Julia (3 years 8 months) open their gifts. Lucy was most interested in her trike and a SpongeBob book & Julia loved her pink bike from Grandpa & Grandma, her favorite that night seemed to be anything Hello Kitty. We feel so blessed.

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Our new peekaboo game

The other day I was using our bit stockpot & without it in the cupboard, there was just enough space for Miss Lucy to play peekaboo! She loves fitting into little spaces!
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