Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lucy's First Pool Party!

Swimming with the Legler's after Lucy's baptism!

Julia the flying little monkey!
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Lucy's Baptism

This past Sunday was such a special day for our entire family. Lucia Grace was baptized at the Randy's parents home in Lakewood by the pastor of Christ Lutheran Church where Randy grew up. Pastor Ralf did was incredible with the words he shared & his compassion, sincerity & genuine kindness. Our hearts are so full of joy & thankful for all we have been blessed with. Lucia Grace is truly a gift from above, we are so lucky to have her in our lives! I hope you enjoy these photos! Precious memories! Many were taken by my cousin Allyson, I think she did a great job!

Surprise, surprise... one of Lucy's favorite toys is a camera lens cap! Maybe that's why I go through so many!
You can see in this photo that she was wearing a special silver cross neclace from Grandma & Grandpa Webster as well as a silver bracelet (engraved with her name) from Aunt Jill & Uncle Carl (I have a matching bracelet they gave to my with my name, special gifts Jill & Carl brought us when they met Lucia Grace in the hospital when she was born).

Auntie Ally! Lucy's not so sure about the smooches! ;-)

Hmmm... still getting used to Uncle Kyle... seeing what she thinks of him! I love her little thinking face!

Grandma Susan Webster & Little Miss Julia watching Lucia Grace be baptized

The baptism

Two sweet cousins with Grandma Susan A

Aren't these girls just beyond beautiful?

Lucy & Mom

Uncle Mark (Lucy's Godfather), Lucy & Mom

Uncle Mark, Lucy & Grandpa Neil!

Sweet Baby Lucy
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A visit from Katie & Clare!

What would you guess these girls' age difference to be? A year apart? 2 years apart?
Oh no, they're only 1 week apart!! This is an example of how stellar Lucy's growth pattern is! Clare is also in the 90% for her measurements although this picture doesn't quite show it!
Katie & Clare (who live on Long Island, NY), flew out rather spur of the moment after the loss of Katie's grandfather. Katie's family (both the Roberts' & the Althauser's) are incredibly close & I was so happy Katie was able to make this unplanned cross country flight to be near her family during a time of loss. Poor Katie & Clare had quite an adventure getting here... flight delays, 9 month old baby who'd much rather crawl around than sit in mom's lap... But, they made it & we're lucky enough to be enjoying some quality time together! We love these guys! I could go on & on about it all, but instead I'll just let you enjoy a few clips from our day on the lake.

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Lucy in her new adirondack chair!

Practicing the parade wave...elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, wrist...

Just seeing how it tastes...

King Tut?
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A visit from Great Grandma Alice!

Lucy & Great Grandma Alice
Randy's Grandma Alice Peterson is here from Richland for a couple weeks to visit & enjoy time with her great granddaughters. It was a lot of fun spending the afternoon with Great Grandma Alice, 3 of her daughters (Susan, Maureen & Renae) & her son (Michael) as well as bubbly little Cousin Julia.

Grandma Susan & Lucy
Julia on the pontoon boat

Lucy & Auntie Maureen

3 of the Peterson sisters (just missing Cindy in Richland!)
Susan, Lucy, Maureen & Renae

Aunt Renae (NaeNae to everyone in the family) & Lucy
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Olympia CF Walk - Great Strides 2009

How awesome is this picture?!?!
We were so incredibly blessed on May 31st with our first Great Strides 'TEAM LUCY' Cystic Fibrosis Walk! We ended up with over 76 walkers on a bright & beautiful sunny day! (5 walkers missed the photo, they were already at the starting line! Sorry Palmer family!) Randy, Lucy & I are all so thankful for the HUGE amount of love & support we felt from all of the people there that day. We had immediate & extended family as well as friends from all different aspects of our lives. It was totally amazing to look out & view a sea of bright yellow tshirts with a sketch of Lucy on the front! (BIG thanks to Cousin Andrew Amondson for drawing the Lucy photo & to my friend Ian Jordan (owner of Product Apparel) for making all the shirts at a bargain price as a way of helping out the team!) Here are some of the other photos from the wonderful day! This is an annual event, we'd love to have you again next year! The two big fundraisers for the CF Foundation that we plan to have an active part in every year are the WaMu Tower Stairclimb (in Nov or Dec) & this Olympia Great Strides Walk every spring.

Genie, Carter, Lucy & me
Lucy was in attack mode when she saw Carter! Watch out cute little man, here comes Miss Lucy!

The Webster's & The Kugler's

Marci & James with Miss Lucy!
Thank you guys for bringing the whole clan - we loved having so many of your family members at the walk!

Cousin Jaymie & Baby Boy Brady
We love you guys!

Aunts Bonnie & Margaret, Christy & Lucy, Mark & Johannes

Teresa, my mom Susan, me, Lucy, Nisha & Meera
HUGE thanks to the Puri girls for being a part of the walk! We were all wishing the other 2 adorable girls were here - Rashmi & Baby Penelope! Can't wait to see them soon! (August)

Stacy & Johannes - walking on the way back under the I-5 overpass

Randy & Uncle Norman Webster

Cousin DJ & his beautiful wife Anika Kugler along with the super cute Coco the puppy! Thank you so much guys for coming down with your boys!

Stacy, Johannes, Lucy, Christy & Mark

What a treat!! Some of our closest friends came down from Seattle & Lucy was quite happy! I think in this photo, she's wondering what all of the fuss is about - she just wants to catch up with her buddies, Stacy & Johannes! ;-) I know these guys had lots to do - Stacy's in grad school, Johannes is a resident at Children's & they're in the midst of a kitchen remodel - plus 2 puppies at home! But, they took time out of their busy schedules & it meant the world to us!! We love you guys!

Owen the puggle & Oscar the pug
(Chris & Ali Hallam's ADORABLE puppies!)

Jill, Christy & Susan along with Julia & Jill's littlest man! Such a treat to have Christy's (sister in law Christy) good friend Jill Coke join us for the walk!
Notice the troop of NICU nurses in the background! It was such a strong reminder of why I love working in the NICU! My friends at work are so incredibly supportive & it meant a ton to have these girls all be a part of the walk! Thank you to my coworkers who couldn't get the day off as well - I know you were there in spirit! =)

Three of Randy's uncles - Norman, George & Jim along with Grandma Alice Peterson

The Lucy store (women's fitness apparel) donated bags, stickers & other Lucy gear to our TEAM LUCY!

Grandpa Neil strolled with Miss Lucy, she loves her Grandpa!

Asha & little miss Sara! Sara is about 6 months older than Lucy & they continue to look a lot alike. Asha & I work together at TG & have fun meeting up with the girls from time to time. The support TEAM LUCY had from my TG coworkers was absolutely awesome!! Thank you everyone!

My mom on the right, my Grandma Jean on the left, behind them Aunt Jill & Uncle Carl as well as a crowd of other TEAM LUCY members!
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