Saturday, October 3, 2009

An ode to Uncle Gene

This was a photo from the last night we spent together with Uncle Gene. Uncle Gene Amondson was my dad's oldest brother & the father of my cousins Rachel (in the photo), Isaac, Andrew & Nathan. Gene was an artist, a pastor, and an incredibly unique man with a passionate love for the Lord. He lived on Vashon Island where he was affectionately known as the woodcarver & his property unique with all of his carvings, fit in quite nicely with all of Vashon's colorful people. Uncle Gene loved berry pies & being with family - he loved sugar and hated margarine. He was a constant joker & used to type all his emails in CAPS LOCK & sign them YOUR REAL DAD. I think of him daily, just this evening while I was singing Lucy to sleep (for the second time), I felt Gene was looking down on us. Gene & his love Nancy raised their kids as naturally as can be - attachment parenting believers before it was ever known... Nancy nursed her kids until they were 3 or 4 & so naturally Gene knew a fair amount of the lingo ... he used to tell me while I was pregnant that he would be my LaLecheLeague coach ;-) I could go on & on writing about what I love & miss about Gene... maybe I will finish it up another day soon... He passed peacefully in July after a massive stroke, he died at the hospital with all of his loved kids at his side. I love you Uncle Gene, thank you for your impact on my life.
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An evening at the park

The last month of the crawl...

Walking around the ballparks...
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A nice little walk with my parents

On a cloudy day in early July, Lucy & I ventured down to visit my parents in Centralia. We ended up going on a beautiful walk in Chehalis along an area where they converted railroad tracks into the perfect paved pathway.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

June & July - Boating

Proof that boys will be boys...
Randy & Zach decided to take wakesurfing to the next level! Randy's laying on the wakesurf board & Zach is standing on top! Goofballs! This was actually fairly successful until Randy called it quits because he felt like he was inhaling too much of the boat exhaust!

One of my good friends from work, Courtney, came out to spend the day with us! We had a great time chatting the day away while the boys goofed off!

My brother Mark loving the wakesurfing!

Miss Lucia about 10 months old

One of our perfect sunny days at home!
Taking a little swim on a hot afternoon

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Tubing with Lucy & Mia

Miss Mia with a mouthfull of veggies & dip

Kelsey & me

Kelsey & Mia

Lucy & Mom

Randy enjoyed skiing this summer until this very night when he injured his ankle. =( We actually thought in the middle of the night when he woke up in horrible pain that he had ruptured his Achilles tendon... but, after a 2am ER visit we realized it was only a sprain. Randy's an incredible at both waterskiing & wakeboarding - what a lucky duck!

Lucy & Mia

Okay, so it's 11:20pm & after reading through Rashmi & Katie F's blogs tonight, I'm bound & determined to get a least a little caught up on our blog. There are so many fantastic photos that are just waiting to be shared... I'm leaving them all raw & unedited to save myself some time! I have a speedy new computer, hot tea to ease my sore throat & a burning desire to get this blog back up to speed!

So, here's our wonderful evening from early in the summer with my good friend Kelsey & her family. Kelsey LeDuc-Williams & I grew up together in Centralia, she is now a middle school principal in Idaho, married to Sidney & mom to her adorable little Miss Mia Grace Williams. We had a great time watching the girls together (although Lucy wasn't yet walking so she couldn't keep up very well with Mia)! It was a big night because we ended up taking the girls on their first innertubing adventure behind the boat! Kelsey & I are both pretty active, fearless, waterloving girls, so it was fun to be around another mom who thinks the same way. We knew the girls were safe in their lifejackets, they both love the water & we're both strong swimmers who have taught lessons & lifeguarded. Needless to say, it was a success! (I define success in this area by no major problems). The girls were not exactly gleeful, but they also weren't holy terrors either ;-) We made great memories & had fun together!

Love you Kelsey!
Miss Mia Grace Williams - an absolute beauty!
Randy, Lucy, Mia & Sidney

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