Sunday, September 20, 2009

A major update is coming!

Hello Blogger Friends!

I just thought I'd check in to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about our blog! We've been without a fully functioning computer since early June... with all of the photos I manage to take, I overloaded our computer & it's been down for the count... But, today Randy surprised me with a brand spankin' new laptop & it's awesome!! I haven't yet connected the photo software to it, but will do so with the help of a computer buddy tomorrow. Once that happens, the 2,000 photos I've taken since June will finally be let free from their cage inside my memory cards! ;-) We've had a fabulous summer with Miss Lucia Grace! There is so much to catch up on - she's a walking, talking (well, 1 year old chatter), pigtail wearing 1 year old who melts my heart each & every day! We couldn't be happier with how she's growing & developing into such a sweet energetic little toddler! First & foremost on the list is her happiness - she's absolutely loving every day! Next is her health - she's top of the charts! Lucia was 24 lbs at her last checkup just before her birthday & 31 inches, putting her at 90% weight & 98% length. Knock on wood & praise the Lord, she's continued to stay incredibly healthy & we so much appreciate the continued support from our friends & family to make this happen! Lucy was quite the social butterfly this summer, she attended a few big events including the Webster's Annual 4th of July Extravaganza and Ryan & Celina Barker's Wedding Reception. Lucy & I even headed out on a getaway with the girls! We loved spending 3 days in Seabrook, WA (just 30 min away from Ocean Shores, it's an adorable brand new little beach town) with Ali, Ryah & Stacy. Okay, I better not give away all of our secrets! Photos are coming soon!!

We send our love to all of you & send an extra special little hug & kiss to brand new baby Jordan Blake! Rachel, Josh & Brandon welcomed little Brandon over a week ago & we are just thrilled for their new addition! Lucy & I are eager as can be to get up to Seattle and meet him ASAP!

Hugs to All,


PS - Thank you Randy for reconnecting me with our blog through this awesome gift of a new computer! I love you bunches!