Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lucy's Zoo Day with Dad!

Lucy 10 months

I think this is just about the sweetest thing ever! Last month on one of my weekend days to work, Randy called his sister Christy & asked if she wanted to go to the zoo! Christy talked with her friend Jill & they all ended up going - Randy with Lucy as well as Christy & Jill with their kiddos. I was so incredibly impressed that Randy was able to not only dress & feed Lucy, but also pack what they needed for the day, take photos, bring the stroller, find parking amidst the Taste of Tacoma traffic... the list goes on & on! This day is an example of why I enjoy working my 2 days each week - it's an incredible chance for Daddy-Daughter bonding.

Many thanks to Jill & Auntie Christy for helping with Miss Lucy too! =)

Cousin Julia & Jill's little boy Gavin checking out the goats.
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Lucy's New Shades & Jake's Big Moves

Lucy sporting her new shades from Aunt Margie! They're so great because there's not an up or a down side, they can go either way.

So, this is incredible photo is of someone who I still think of as "the cute little kid in church"! My Dad's good friend Craig Bower has 2 boys, Josh & Jake - they are 2 of the most fun loving, physically active, kind, caring, talented kids I know. I have to say kids even though the youngest (Jake, in this photo) is now 21 years old. It's been a lot of fun this summer having people out on the lake & it's even better when they put on a little show like Jake did! Below is a photo (not all that well centered, I think I took it one handed while holding Lucy) of Jake doing my all time favorite wakeboarding move - the Air Railey (sp?) - it's like a SuperMan move & awesome to watch. What a great summer!!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Miss Lucy & Noah!

Lucy climbing with Noah the flasher not far behind! =)

This is Noah Hanculak, his momma was one of my closest friends during nursing school! Lindsay (Nelson) Hanculak is one of the most fun people I know, she is an absolute riot to talk with, always honest with great sense of humor! It had been years since Lindsay & I saw eachother and it was just luck that we were both heading to U Village on the same day! Thank you Lindsay for meeting us for a little playtime! Hugs to you both!
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Father's Day!

We enjoyed a great day on the water with 3 incredible Dads! It was Randy's first Father's Day & he was able to enjoy it on the water wakesurfing & skiing. Randy is such an example to Lucy of how to live an active life enjoying the outdoors. He is such a great dad & he really comes to life at times like this when he's able to be physically active & really let loose. I love you so much Randy & I'm so proud of the father you have become to Miss Lucia Grace! Randy & I were both so lucky to be raised with incredible Dads as well! We would not be who we are today if it wasn't for the smiling faces you see above! Love you guys!

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Playdate with Sara & AJ

About a month ago, I was able to spend an afternoon with a couple of my coworkers & their adorable little kids. Asha & Rebecca both work at Tacoma General & are fantastic moms as well as very fun to be around. Little Sara is the sweetest thing ever, with her blonde curls & sweet demeanor, she melts your heart in an instant. AJ is a little charmer as well with his sweet smile & dimples. Thank you girls for a great time together!
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Liberty Plaza Flag Dedication

This was a very special day for my Dad. He is the hardest working & most giving person I know and this day absolutely proved it. My dad has been working for the last few years as a commercial developer. He has been the main person behind a development in Chehalis called Liberty Plaza. In the middle of the development (2 hotels, a band & a restaurant), he built a massive columnar rock fountain with a gorgeous American flag in the middle. On this special day, the flag was dedicated & there was a community gathering. Randy, Lucy & I went down to share in the celebration. The country's economic struggles right now have taken a toll on many people in the development world, it is very difficult times, which made this day even more meaningful. The words below the fountain are "IN GOD WE TRUST" & that is truly what will get us through this challenging, taxing, frustrating time.

To my Dad, I love you, you will always be the person who I look up to most. Your smile fills a room & your energetic positive spirit brings up everyone around you.

My Dad Neil & his good friend from the PLU days, Bruce Templin - what handsome fellas!

Lucy & Grandma being greeted by Rick Sundstrom

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Thomas the Cat's Haircut

So, this is a bit out of order... it's actually from late May, but these photos are from Thomas getting his spring haircut. Poor little kitty needs a haircut every year & this time it was a little chilly on that day... so we brought him home & he wore one of Lucy's onesies & had a rare treat - he was able to spend the day recovering inside. Sweet little kitty Thomas is now doing great, enjoying his cool hairstyle during these hot days. At this point, Lucy was 9 months & just pulling herself up to the couch.
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So, I'm weeks behind on our blog... here's an attempt at getting everyone caught up since Lucy's baptism in early June. Since then, she's changed so much! I'll try to keep things all in order. She first started wearing little spikey pigtails on the day I too these photos, they totally fit her spunky little self! =)
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