Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy 7 month birthday Lucia Grace!

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Lucy loves Thomas

Just had to put in these pics with my dirty old furball Thomas the Cat! Poor little Thomas lives outside in his kitty condo now (aka the shed...). He used to be a city cat - lived with Stacy & I in our nice little North Tacoma apartment... but, after becoming a dirty country cat & now with Lucy's healthy & cleanliness being a priority, he's outside... bless his heart, Thomas is a sweetheart & Lucy just loves every minute with him! I know my mom really wishes Thomas lived at their house... Right Mom?
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Pink Overall Photoshoot

Katie & Clare

Christy & Lucy

Lucy standing for a split second!

Katie & I had the time of our lives taking these photos! We spent Friday afternoon at her parents house, on the way out towards Steamboat Island. It was a beyond perfect afternoon - lunch with a great friend, playtime for the girls, matching adorable new outfits & hours of photos! I could go on & on about how much we're going to miss the Farren's when they're back in Long Island... makes me teary just to think about it!! But, we cherish every minute together! Love you Katie & Miss Clare!

Lucy & Clare!

Katie, Clare, Christy & Lucy

All 4 girls after the wild bath.

A brief mellow moment in the tub... most of the time Lucy was violently splashing Clare! Little Miss Clare was such a lady - she just peacefully hummed as Lucy went nuts! I think these girls are following in their mom's footsteps...
Happy Clare!
Rosie Red Cheeks on Miss Lucy after a cat nap in the Ergo.
Meeting Katie's mom - another wonderful Grandma Susan - at Batdorf & Bronson for coffee.

What a fantastic time I've been having with such a great friend! Above are just a few of the hundreds & hundreds of photos from having Lucy & Clare together. Clare is the sweet little daughter of my good friend, Katie (Roberts) Farren. Katie, Seth & Clare live on Long Island, NY where Seth is finishing up an Oral Surgery program. We were really hoping these guys would move to the NW after Seth completed his schooling, but it looks like the good oral surgery jobs are elsewhere... I'm grieving the thought of having these guys permanently living so far away... But, I suppose that means we'll be forced to meet for fun vacations very frequently.

So, Lucy & Clare enjoyed an afternoon of playing with toys, then helped Katie & I make dinner while the boys periodically helped & played the Wii. After dinner, we gave the girls baths & it was hillarious! Growing up with Katie, she was always very well mannered - kind & sweet, always oh so innocent (I know the real Katie, she does have some fiestiness in there too!)... Clare seems to be a lot like her mom, very composed & gentle. AND THEN THERE'S LUCY! =) As I watched her wildly splashing Clare in the tub, I found myself wondering if she may be a waterpolo player in the future! Too funny! The Farren's & the Webster's had a great time together & are praying for many many more moments like this again soon! Katie, I love you, thank you for always being such a great friend!

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The Cutest Amondson's!

Left to Right:
Sidney, Lucy, Joryn & Makenna

Lucy & Makenna

Lucy & Joryn

Last week we had a surprise visit from my cousin Dave Amondson & his three adorable daughters! It was such a fun surprise, we hadn't seen these guys since being in Ojai for Andrew's wedding 2 years ago! Many of you may recognize Makenna & Joryn (the oldest 2 girls), they were the sweet little flower girls in our wedding almost 5 years ago. These sweethearts are getting more & more gorgeous by the day. Lucy was absolutely facinated with the girls - whether they played together or simply stood in front of her! All of the family interaction was priceless! We love you guys!
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Out with Dad & the boats

We'll pretend that was a smile...

What a great day! Today I unexpectedly took the day off - the NICU was overstaffed & Randy was supportive of me taking an extra day to be here at home. I think the fact that he had a busy Saturday at home with Lucy made him thankful to have Mom at home on Sunday! Randy's been doing an incredible job with Lil' Miss Lucy Grace, but it is a tiring day if you're not used to it. So, as for today... I've been waiting for the right time to put Lucy in this adorable outfit from my work friend, Sarah Running - I think it was perfect for the day Randy put the pontoon boat in the water. He's worked for the past year fully restoring this old pontoon boat that came with the home when we bought it almost 5 years ago. We've both been so eager to get out on the water, today was a huge accomplishment for Randy. Lucy just loves being outside, whether rain or shine, cold or warm (don't get much warm these days) - she loves it all. There will be many pictures to come... my good friend Katie (Roberts) Farren, her husband Seth & their daughter Clare (born 8 days after Lucy) are in Olympia visiting for the week! Katie & I are so very excited to get Lucy & Clare together tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Sweet Pea

Little Miss Lucy in her adorable spring dress, a gift from Auntie Jaymie & Cousin Brady (my cousin & her little boy)! Thank you Jaymers for such a sweet sweet dress! This was supposed to be Lucy's Easter dress, but she's growing so quickly that I'm worried it won't fit for Easter! So, we'll call this Lucy's Early Spring line.

The past 48 hours have been fun & busy ones - yesterday I had a hair appointment with my good friend, Ali, down in Centralia. Lucy stayed with Grandpa & Grandma A while I enjoyed time with Ali & Ryah. Afterwards, Lucy & I stayed the night at my parent's house which made things pretty easy this morning because I just left from there to work in Tacoma. Lucy slept just great snuggling in my bed & when I left for work, my mom jumped in to keep Lucy cozy! Little Miss Lucy is so loved, she just brightens each & every moment for our family. Wishing you all a wonderful spring!
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