Monday, March 28, 2011

Ready for an amazing spring of 2011!

Hello fellow bloggers, friends & family!

I feel inspired just by logging in to my blog after one year! =) Wow, it's been a while, but I'm determined to share information about the exciting things going on in our life with all of you.

Over the past year, we have thoroughly enjoyed watching Lucy grow and become the lively, adorable 2 1/2 year old that she is! Much of my time has been spent with home addition details, it has taken one full year to get to the point where I *think* we can begin next month. Design work, permitting, bids from contractors, appraisals, bank logistics, etc. - it's quite a process, but we are so excited to one day have a larger home! Our little one bedroom is quite cozy, but we are eager to watch it grow!

I'm sure if you've been reading my updates on Facebook or have followed this blog for more than a year, you know that springtime at the Webster's is focused on the Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis. This year, Team Lucy is going to be incredible! We have fantastic news, I am excited to share that we are now officially a National Team with Team Lucy teams in Olympia, WA, Chicago, IL & Clifton Park, NY! Randy's cousin, Lisa McKenney-Wilson started Team Lucy Chicago last year and is excited for it again this year. Katie Roberts Farren, one of my closest childhood friends, has taken on the challenge to begin Team Lucy Clifton Park NY this year! If there are any of you out there interested in doing more within your local area to fundraise for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, I would love to talk with you about the possibilities!

As usual with this blog, I would like to share a couple photos of Lucy, I hope you enjoy them! I would love to continue writing, but I really must begin to pack for our family vacation to NY & NJ, we leave in 24 hours! Wish us all luck as we travel across the country with Lucy! We are so very excited to spend a couple days in Clifton Park with the Farren's (Katie, Seth & Clare), a couple days in the heart of New York City visiting friends and exploring (Josh, Lindsay & Max Stewart, Mike & Bridget Brager, and of course my old buddy old pal, Brock Fetch), and complete the trip with a few days with Randy's best friend Kevin. Kevin & his wife, Diana, recently had adorable twin boys, Scott & Grant; they were 26 weekers, their first months were in a major NICU in New Jersey. These beautiful boys are doing very well now and Randy was quite honored to be asked a month or two ago by Kevin to be the Godfather for Scott. We will be attending their baptism at the West Point Chapel, where Kevin was a cadet at West Point many years ago. It is sure to be an amazing trip!

Best wishes to you all!

If you're up for a challenge and would like to walk in a Team Lucy Great Strides walk, you can go to for more info, to register and to donate! We are very excited to begin networking with corporate sponsors and would love your help in making these connections! The progress that has been made since last year is phenomenal, the medication VX-770 which treats Lucy's rare form of CF is looking more promising than ever! Here's a link to read more on that Thank you to all of you who have donated and been involved with the cycle, climb and walk events, your dollars and energy have helped to make this exciting news possible!!

Much love to all,


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